Yi Gao

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Welcome to my GitHub Pages.

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Stony Brook University. I'm also adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and the Department of Computer Science.

My group is working on various aspects of image and informatics computing, with application focusing on the bio-medical and clinical field. We employ advanced geometric, statistical, and machine learning techniques, develop models and algorithms, and deploy solutions for the large scale and/or real-time interactive image computing scenarios. In particular, we have developed image segmentation algorithms and software and released them to the community. They have obtained thousands of visits/downloads. We are designing and developing a full naturally interactive image computing platform that synergizes human interrelation, efficient and effective image computing, and mixed reality visualization techniques. As a fully interrelated software/hardware solution, we aim at pushing the large scale and interactive precise image computing to a new level.

News & Updates

  • 2017.3.6 Naiyun Zhou's paper on optimal histopathology image color normalization and convolutional neural network based prostate image classification has been awarded the Best Student Paper Finalist in SPIE Medical Imaging 2017. Congratulations!
  • 2016.2.17 Our paper "Statistical Shape Analysis using 3D Poisson Equation---A Quantitatively Validated Approach" got accepted in Medical Image Analysis. This new shape analysis method is quantitatively validated and evaluated.